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Yes, you also can have your own photoshoot.


Ever since I turned into a mom my life took an unimaginably fast pace. All the unique times spent together with my family became very fleeting. In order to underline the significance of these moments, I have decided to set my phone with a gallery of 7000 unarchived photos aside, and get back to my SLR camera. Ever since then, I began to record all the important occasions from the lives of our daughters, and with time, also the lives of our friends’ children and their friends.

I don’t even remember when my passion turned into a professional occupation. Moments such as pregnancy, a child’s birth, a first smile or the first birthday, are things that are just begging for a beautiful and emotional shot. Thanks to the patient and appropriate approach that I have for children, I am able to capture the chosen moments from your family’s life, in the most beautiful and unique way forever.


Whilst getting prepared for a photoshoot I base my concept on the conversations I had with my clients. I devise the character of the whole undertaking and a creative way for its realization. I prepare the scenography, props, and choose the appropriate costumes. Also, there is a make-up artist present on set for the adults.


The photoshoots may take place both outdoors and indoors. For each shot I choose the light accordingly to the existing conditions, or use the professional studio lighting. The photographs, which are the result of our cooperation, are of top quality, high resolution, and have been respectively cropped and retouched.


Making the decision to cooperate with me, you can expect a complex approach from the moment of our first meeting, up until receiving the final package of photographs. Before the shoot I will prepare its character, I will help you choose the right clothes, and if you need a make-up, there will be a make-up artist present. During the shoot I will let you see the preview photos, which reflect the vision I have. After selecting and retouching the chosen photographs, you will receive them in a full set including both, a digital and printed version. Upon a special request I may prepare files for a large-format print. I may also print the photographs in a form of an album, or advise you how to best frame the photos chosen by you.


I am able to capture the chosen moments from your family’s life, in the most beautiful and unique way forever. Interested?

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