Plan your photoshoot.

I don’t even remember when my passion turned into a professional occupation. Moments such as pregnancy, a child’s birth, a first smile or the first birthday, are things that are just begging for a beautiful and emotional shot. Thanks to the patient and appropriate approach that I have for children, I am able to capture the chosen moments from your family’s life, in the most beautiful and unique way forever.


The first step in our cooperation is to clarify the type of photo session. It depends on what you need, what you want to achive. That's why I treat each project individually.

• Kids photography
• Family sessions
• Pregnancy sessions
• My first days
• Kids fashion
• Commemorative sessions


After our first conversation I will prepare a concept of the shoot, along with the costumes, stylization and the place where the photos will be taken. Later I will share the whole concept with you and together we will make a final decision regarding the character of the session.


The photoshoot may take place both outdoors and indoor in a studio. Starting in the early days of spring until the late days of autumn, I will propose a photo session out in the open air, to fully exploit the sunlight and stunning landscapes. During the winter, on the other hand, most of the shoots will take place in the studio specially arranged for each session.


After taking the photographs, I personally take care of selecting the best shots and carry out a final retouch of each of them. The electronic version, on which I work is of the highest quality and resolution. That allows me to actually refine even the smallest of details.

Final package

You will receive the finished and ready photographs from me, packed in a unique package. Along with it I attach an electronic version allowing a multiple zoom and for you to personally modify each photo.